My first solo photo book #NotMyPresident documents protests against Donald J. Trump and his presidency over a five-year period. It features many courageous protestors exercising their First Amendment Rights to protect civil rights and the very fabric of democracy. You can pre-order the book on Indiegogo. The book already raised more than $15,000 from 200 backers on Kickstarter. Why I […]

I recently gave a TEDx Atlanta Talk — Monumental Renewal — that discussed finding spiritual balance behind the lens in DC during the pandemic. It begins with how I became a shutterbug without any professional training, and then how photography has become part of my creative means to find balance. During the pandemic, I leaned heavily on photography to stay […]

Every time Sony releases a new camera a slew of Internet photography bloggers go on a tear about how Nikon is dead or is a brand for losers who won’t change. So in disagreement, I offer this review of my new Nikon Z7ii.  I will also throw in a few shots from a Z6ii I rented last December while I waited for the camera to arrive.

Trump allies will host another MAGA rally in DC on January 6, including the Proud Boys. While I photographed counterprotestors objecting to the first two rallies for my photo book #NotMyPresident: Five Years of Resisting Trump, I am not going to cover the events on January 6. I have four reasons for this. 1) The Likelihood of Violence The last […]

Today, the Electoral College sealed Donald Trump’s fate by honoring the will of a majority of the American people, and formally casting 306 ballots for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. I want to thank the many protestors across the country who resisted for four years and helped close this horrific chapter of our history. Some may dismiss […]

One year ago, my family visited Acadia National Park for a long holiday weekend. The gorgeous yellow, orange, and red foliage dazzled us. It was just hitting its peak during that brief window of time. Of course, I brought my cameras, and now a year later it is time to share the images in a photo essay. Given the difficulties […]