My first solo photo book #NotMyPresident documents protests against Donald J. Trump and his presidency over a five-year period. It features many courageous protestors exercising their First Amendment Rights to protect civil rights and the very fabric of democracy. You can pre-order the book on Indiegogo. The book already raised more than $15,000 from 200 backers on Kickstarter. Why I […]

Opening night for the “NotMyPresident: Five Years of Resisting Trump” gallery show will be held on August 24th at 7p.m. The free event will be held at the Strongin Collection at 1631 Wisconsin Avenue NW. I will also hold six complimentary workshops for those who want to learn a little about photography (details below)! In addition to remarks about the book, three […]

Last May, my sister and I visited Great Sand Dunes National Park. This national park has been on my bucket list for some time. It’s an epic scene with incredible Rocky Mountain ranges ringing the San Luis Valley.  In the above shot, you can see the sand dunes ever so faintly on the left side. As you get closer you see […]

I recently gave a TEDx Atlanta Talk — Monumental Renewal — that discussed finding spiritual balance behind the lens in DC during the pandemic. It begins with how I became a shutterbug without any professional training, and then how photography has become part of my creative means to find balance. During the pandemic, I leaned heavily on photography to stay […]

Every time Sony releases a new camera a slew of Internet photography bloggers go on a tear about how Nikon is dead or is a brand for losers who won’t change. So in disagreement, I offer this review of my new Nikon Z7ii.  I will also throw in a few shots from a Z6ii I rented last December while I waited for the camera to arrive.

Trump allies will host another MAGA rally in DC on January 6, including the Proud Boys. While I photographed counterprotestors objecting to the first two rallies for my photo book #NotMyPresident: Five Years of Resisting Trump, I am not going to cover the events on January 6. I have four reasons for this. 1) The Likelihood of Violence The last […]

Today, the Electoral College sealed Donald Trump’s fate by honoring the will of a majority of the American people, and formally casting 306 ballots for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. I want to thank the many protestors across the country who resisted for four years and helped close this horrific chapter of our history. Some may dismiss […]