My first solo photo book #NotMyPresident documents protests against Donald J. Trump and his presidency over a five-year period. It features many courageous protestors exercising their First Amendment Rights to protect civil rights and the very fabric of democracy. You can pre-order the book on Indiegogo. The book already raised more than $15,000 from 200 backers on Kickstarter. Why I […]

In the post social media era, we are in a fight to preserve authenticity, perhaps a losing fight. Commercialization has destroyed many aspects of the once coveted community, including the ability for people to simply be real. A primary causation of this deterioration of real people talking to real people is the personal brand movement. In an effort to put […]

There is justice in the world. Today the Dallas Mavericks are the NBA Champions. The victory ends an angst filled year in which the basketball world watched to see if Miami and its trio of personal brands — LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh — could buy a championship. In the end, a team of less talented, but veteran […]

A point/counterpoint post by Geoff Livingston and Olivier Blanchard, respectively. Cross posted on The BrandBuilder Blog. Everyone in life wants to be loved on a personal basis, and received well professionally. When feelings of inadequacy arise — self esteem — it’s natural to look for solutions to improve a sense of worth. The most disturbing (and the least talked about) […]

As some of you know, I’ve been polling my online community to gage their feelings on personal brands.  Given my very outspoken nature against personal branding, it’s safe to assume that those who participate in active conversation with me likely skew unfavorably towards the self marketing theory.  Still, given the concept’s popularity I expected a much more polarized result than […]

After reading Rohit Bhargava’s impassioned defense of personal brands, I could not help but laugh. While the personal branding movement may feel it will always be pushing the corporate boundaries, in reality to many, personal brands identify themselves as egos in motion. As I commented on Rohit’s blog, in truth, Tom Peters did the world a disservice with the Fast […]

Warning: There’s significant profanity in this podcast. Episode of Six of The El Show featuring Richard Laermer and I had a lot to do with brand images and PR. We discussed the Kanye West incident, and the likely staging of it as well as POTUS’s “jackass” remark. Here’s the full podcast lineup on