Four Years of Trump Protests

With the election coming up it seemed like a good idea to review my four year-ongoing Trump Protest photos project and examine overarching themes. From basic civil rights to democratic principles, the same themes kept appearing over and over again in the protests. They were racism, immigration, gender equality, LGBTQ rights, science and facts, the right to earn, and freedom of expression. See the photos in the podcast or below in a photo essay format, or just listen to the podcast to hear about those protest trends, the major issues that define the Trump presidency.

Scoot Down the Highway: My 2020 Exposed DC Show Award Winner

Scoot Down the Highway was an award-winning image in this year’s 2020 Exposed DC Awards show.  It is the third image I have placed in the Exposed DC Awards, and my second consecutive show (Scroll down to see my past winners). I captured the image last summer outside of L’Enfant Plaza, where I work most …