This is a special edition of Great Blogs of Fire, usually hosted on the Buzz Bin! For the last two months, a post noted the five bloggers that were influencing me the most during that month. It’s a good idea to recognize influencers, so this will be a continuing monthly feature to be hosted on the Now Is Gone blog. […]

At a TIE-DC event this week, I watched a Microsoft employee compare it’s mobile platform to Apple’s. Pretty crazy, huh? But it just goes to show you how important mobile is becoming to the Internet and social media. More and more social networks and internet services are creating mobile versions. Consider, mobile Facebook, and mobile Google. As a former […]

Some of the more interesting links in the past week: In part one of a two part series, Josh Hallett chats up companies’ dependence on individuals as blog personalities, and the corresponding impact on brands (Hyku). General Motors has launched a social media-enabled newsroom for its European operations (PR Squared). Burying bad news or negative posts doesn’t work. The negativity […]

Every week, Copywrite Inc.’s Rich Becker and I discuss a blogging best practice on BlogStraightTalk, a Bumpzee community. This week we discussed the recent iPhone pricing controversy, and the ensuing slew of related blog posts. The conversation evolved quickly out of iPhones and into does it make sense for bloggers — particularly business-centric bloggers — to post on such trendy […]

Facebook has some true marketing potential for some companies. The question is which companies, and what’s the right way to use Facebook? Several recent posts have contested Facebook’s value as a marketing vehicle for companies, including the Buzz Bin post, “Beware of Facebook Frenzy.” In many ways, these posts are realistic reactions to contemporary media and A-List bloggers positioning Facebook […]

So this is it!!! The bottom text may change color/size, but this black masthead with current lettering, subway image and yellow base will stay. Once the art is finalized, we’ll get the book listed on Amazon.

Last night I had the opportunity to spend time with some members of Women In Technology. We talked about participation public relations. Nothing like a roundtable of 15 powerful women CEOS to get a great conversation going. My intent was to talk about the modern Public Relations environment. Specifically, how social media has forced contemporary media to become 1) much […]

A lot’s been happening in the blogosphere in the past weeks that may be of interest. Here we go: A&P had a bad reaction to some employees’ YouTube video.  The result is causing more negative publicity than the original video (Shel Holtz). Dell2Direct is looking to evolve its social media effort (Buzz Bin). More from Shel. A discussion of Delta’s […]