The following bloggers had either blog posts cited in and/or were interviewed for Now Is Gone. These sources are listed permanently on the Now Is Gone blog to honor them and provide business readers additional source material. If you have questions about marketing the book, or the use of bloggers as sources, I refer you to the previous post, “Marketing […]

One of the least talked about technologies that can impact social media is the Wii. Or more importantly the Wii’s input system — the Wiimote — a game controller that uses motion control to communicate wirelessly with the game machine. Gesture recognition technologies like this hold great potential for social media networks and virtual worlds. Consider Second Life’s incredible clunky […]

Chrysler has a new blog coming, and this interview reveals some strategic insights (Diva Marketing Blog). B2B expenditures on social media are likely to exceed B2C social media initiatives (Conversation Agent). The America Red Cross is using Twitter to communicate with constituencies (Twittown).

At this point, we’re looking at late October. Page proofs are in process, and from there we need to expedite back jacket reviews.  Onward and forward. “Review copies” will be available three weeks prior to the official date.  More to be determined.

Interested in having me speak for your organization this fall? Please email me at geoff@livingstonbuzz com or call me via Grand Central: Here’s where I’m slated to speak this Fall: Women In Technology (DC), September 5 Ready, Set, Grow presented by Smart Business Ideas (DC), September 25 BLOG Orlando, September 28 Chairing the Era of Conversation conference, DMA of Washington, […]

Originally run on the Buzz Bin, July 2, 2007. OK, I realize that you probably want to turn the blogosphere off and read some pulp fiction this July 4th. But, just in case you wanted to brush-up on social media here’s a list of 25+ must-read social media, marketing and PR books. This list was compiled by Chris Abraham, Toby […]

Originally published on the Buzz Bin, August 13, 2007. In the next ten days the online portion of the Now Is Gone marketing campaign will begin. This includes launching a new blog (under construction) and “revealing” which bloggers were cited as sources. After chatting with e-business journalist and PR marathoner Nettie Hartsock on the phone and via email, it seemed […]

The Now Is Gone blog seeks to help businesses embrace New Media (and Social Media) intelligently. Entries are created by authors Geoff Livingston and Brian Solis, and critical sources featured in the book, Toby Bloomberg, Kami Huyse and Ike Pigott. Together, we’re providing relevant blog entries, discussing new updates since the book Now Is Gone was drafted, linking to corporate […]