September 11 remains one of the most visceral moments in American history. Lt. Colonel Robert J. Darling, who served as the logistics lead in the White House bunker during September 11, joined me to remember the attack through the photos. The conversation resulted in a special two-part Show Me Podcast. The photos in this post are just a few of […]

Next week, I will launch a new Instagram account, “geofflivingstonportraits.” This new account features conceptual portraits, headshots, and select pictures of people from events. My more established geoffliving account will feature landscapes, street photography, and experimental work, such as my current 35 mm film photography. For the past couple of years, I struggled with finding a content balance. When I […]

If you are inside avoiding the unbearable heat and want to listen to more awesome conversations about photography, get ready for the midsummer episodes of the Show Me Podcast. Episodes 1.9 and 1.10  feature National Park Service Heritage photographer Jarob Ortiz discussing the Manufactured Landscapes project by Edward Burtynsky and IGDC Founder Holly Garner riffing on one of the first […]

What do Marilyn Monroe, The Americans, American Gothic and Nicaragua have in common? They are all subjects of well-known photographs discussed in June’s batch of Show Me podcasts. This month’s episodes feature Richard Binhammer, Noe Todorovich, Dave Murphy and Jarett Hendrix discussing these great works as well their personal projects. Below find a summary of each podcast episode. You can […]

I am thrilled to publish the first four episodes of the Show Me Podcast ( These first four podcasts represent the beginning of a new show that will discuss a famous photograph(s) or photographer and why the images work (or not). Show Me episodes feature a respected photographer or industry expert who can deliver a great conversation about the well-known […]

Dupont Underground is one of the coolest places in Washington, DC. It’s a natural place to go and photograph. The only thing that can make the combination of rails, graffiti, and art better from a photography standpoint is a great subject. That’s why when I created a Dupont Underground workshop event for the Click DC photography festival this June, I […]

When launching a digital content marketing project, I often feature photography as a primary storytelling tactic. Optimal content in a smartphone world requires visual media. It’s the old adage, “Show me, don’t tell me.” Marketing copy bores people. Smart brands delight their customers with more than just a need/solution pitch so that customers notice them. Yet, the Internet is filled […]