Social Values

Does your company have core values? A mission statement?If so it likely has a corporate ethos, a statement of ethics and integrity that the company believes in. Hopefully, the statement isn’t  propaganda, instead reflecting the living culture of the entity.… Read More »Social Values

Vapor Gurus

The world of social media allows pundits, citizens and even the neighborhood traffic cop to position themselves as an expert. Often, experts can claim authority, write manifestos and command attention, even though their thoughts are based on opinion rather than… Read More »Vapor Gurus

A Little Bubbly?

Bill Sledzik tagged me on what may be a returning meme, this time generated by Steve Rubel, wondering if there’s a bubble in the web 2.0 world. In my comments I acknowledged seeing some bubble-like activities. 1) Social web company… Read More »A Little Bubbly?

About Us

The Now Is Gone blog seeks to help businesses embrace New Media (and Social Media) intelligently. Entries are created by authors Geoff Livingston and Brian Solis, and critical sources featured in the book, Toby Bloomberg, Kami Huyse and Ike Pigott.… Read More »About Us