Photo Shoots

Are you looking to hire me as a photographer? Here are the types of jobs I work on. Interested parties can contact me here.

Corporate Jobs

Geoff Livingston documented the Wildlife Works project on behalf of Audi USA's carbon offset program.

Have a campaign or an event you need documented? I can cover it. Past works range from documenting the 100 year anniversary of the National Park Service Find Your Park Expedition trip to Yosemite on behalf of the National Park Foundation to the Wildlife Works carbon offset program on behalf of Audi USA.

Engagement Shoots

Geoff Livingston photographed this engaged couple in Washington, DC.
Capturing that special moment to share with others is a delight, and one that I truly enjoy.You can see a whole series of my engagement shoots on PetaPixel.


Diana, a portrait taken in Cuba.

Sometimes you just need an awesome portrait that speaks to your character and what you can offer people. Delivering a meaningful image requires understanding your communication goal, wether it’s a corporate series of headshots or a family portrait to remember a specific time in your life.

Street Style Wedding Photography

If you are looking to document your wedding in a journalistic street style, then look no further. You won’t get the typical fluffy overexposed white edged images that you see on most wedding photographers sites. Instead you’ll get the best moments delivered as you remembered them.