Photo Book: Five Years of Resisting Trump


#NotMyPresident documents five years of protests against Donald J. Trump and his administration. This photobook will be released to the general public in July, 2021.

A Story About Heroes

Trump’s presidency was a minority rule Administration with a majority of Americans voting against him (twice) and disapproving of his actions in the Oval Office. Those actions inspired thousands of people from all walks of life to stand up against authoritarianism and cruelty.

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These nonviolent protestors are the heroes who stood up and demanded change throughout the years. This book highlights them and their actions

Though I do not know these protestors, I spent entire days through several years documenting their actions. Then I shared their photos on Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram so my networks, the media, and in some cases the world could see their opposition.

The courage these millions of protestors demonstrated is admirable. At first, these protests were met with sneers, online hazing, and taunts. As time progressed and Trump continued to corrupt the government, protestors and press alike had their economic and physical well-being threatened by Trump supporters, and through veiled politicized Justice Department actions and arrests.

This photo was shot immediately following recording this podcast.

These heroes exercised their First Amendment rights with protests for five long years, beginning during the 2016 GOP primary and Trump’s inauguration. They continued from the beginning of Trump’s presidency through the massive BlackLivesMatter protests of 2020, and the successful election of Joe Biden and his inauguration in 2021 (knock on wood). In the end, the protestors won a collective victory against an entrenched authoritarian.

Four Years of Trump Protests

The photos show a consistent heroic resistance against draconian measures. You can see how the often hateful policies produced pain and division that ruptured American society.