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Facebook Will Decline Like AOL

Osaka Hour Glass
Image by caribb

Yesterday in my weekly Washington Business Journal blog, I suggested that businesses and marketers should start investing in networks beyond Facebook.

Having watched my fair share of social networks rise and fall over the years, I feel pretty safe in saying we’re looking at an AOL-esque decline for Facebook.

We watched AOL fall from its ISP and online community peak in 2002 to what has become a struggling content holding company with a diverse brands like the Huffington Post, TechCrunch and more.

I would argue that Facebook has peaked in developed countries. Further, Facebook’s public status has exposed many weaknesses that some investors suggest begin with Mark Zuckerberg.

Like AOL, because so many stakeholders are vested in Facebook’s success (Wall Street, corporate America and those who simply love the social network) the decline will be slow, but steady, just like sand falling through an hour glass.

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