What do a Kickstarter project, a 500 Pixels contest, an art show, and a trip to Cuba all have in common? Why, photography of course!

Photos and experiences from a trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with Cade Martin to photograph the Day of the Dead festival.

Need to get your mojo back? Here are 15 ways to restore your creativity.

The truth about writing fiction is there is little reward outside of artistic satisfaction. Only the most prolific successful authors make money.

In graphic design and visual arts, artists use negative space to emphasize their subject. The same could be said of words, in particular stories where you leave enough to the reader’s imagination so they can enjoy the novel, essay, short story, or whatever it might be. I received this nugget of knowledge at WorldCon last August. Stina Leicht mentioned applying […]

Image by Cinematography Without creativity we cannot differentiate and excel, and yet sharing creative ideas inevitably leads to a mockery at times. The worst thing we can do is simply call a creative spirit a failure. It’s amazingly hard to remain creative if you listen to outside voices. This is particularly true in a world where declaring fail with a […]