Arlington Memorial Bridge: From DC to Arlington National Cemetery.

Dawn at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge with a nice mirro on soft, calm water.

The Woodrow Wilson Bridge at dusk, in HDR.

The Woodrow Wilson Bridge at night.

The Brooklyn Bridge in HDR.

A pedestrian bridge on the Anacostia River front in Washington, DC.

The left side of this photo is dominated by the National Aquarium in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. I liked the bridge, too, and made it the cetral focus., balancing the red of the aquarium with the purple of the flowers.

On the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland you will find the flats, a fun entertainment complex surrounded by aging steel girder bridges.

The Manhattan Bridge is on the left and the Brooklyn Bridge is on the right. The photo was taken underneath the FDR Drive.

This picture features a sunrise over the Willamsburg Bridge, but under the Manhattan and Brooklyn (closest) Bridges. It was taken on New York City’s East River.

A long exposure of the East River facing the Queensboro Bridge shows the traffic on the FDR and a rather large boat (three light streaks). This was taken at a small park on the river at 51st Street.