My 5 Pics for the 2010 National Geographic Photo Contest

National Geographic has opened a contest for the best amateur photographs of 2010. Winners will be published in the magazine! The contest is open until November 30, and you can submit an unlimited amount of photos.

I have already submitted five, and may add a few more closer to the deadline. A special thank you to Leigh Duncan Durst, who brought the contest to my attention and encouraged me to enter. Choosing the photos was not easy, as I have some popular ones that had a blemish or were not technically proficient enough (IMO) to win. Here are my five:

The Devil’s Horns Across Lago Pehoe (Chilean Patagonia)

The Devil's Horns Across Lago Pehoe

Virgin Islands Sunrise (St. Thomas)

Virgin Islands Sunrise

Marie Helene Bigar Weill (Jewish European Refugee from WWII)

T'Aunte Marie Helene Bigar Weill

The Lights of Bordeaux (The Place de Borse)
The Lights of Bordeaux

The North Face of the Moreno Glacier (Argentine Patagonia)
The North Face of the Moreno Glacier

Will you be entering any photos into the contest?

The Genesis of a Comeback: Calls to Action

Zoetica is engaged in the evaluation of the Case Foundation’s second America’s Giving Challenge. The first case study features Darius Goes West, a nonprofit fighting the fatal genetic disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Perhaps the most compelling part of Darius Goes West’s story is their America’s Giving Challenge comeback, as they were losing in the Challenge.

Darius Goes West — originally started as an award winning movie – but lives on as a nonprofit online. Per the above video the nonprofit was faring well in the Challenge, but was not placing in the top ten, and would not win a prize. The organization rallied its significant supporter base using videos and its Facebook community.

But it goes beyond passion, and this is the genesis of the comeback in my mind. Darius West deployed great calls to action in its out-bound communications. People feel passion, but when they are given something to do with that emotion, well, look out. Things happen, including comebacks.

Calls to action that I liked in the Darius Goes West Campaign:

It’s clear that while not a “professional” marketing effort, Darius West gets basic marketing principles. Beyond the stellar, simple calls-to-action, the campaign was integrated across media channels, allowing for maximum success. Good cause + passionate fans + smart marketing = one America’s Giving Challenge comeback.

You can read the whole case study here.