Curt Schilling

5 Favorite Tough Guys

After a long spring and many successful activities, I moved this weekend. This capped a tough week professionally and personally because I have nothing left in the tank. It required me to put on a stiff upper lip, and gut out a strong finish.

I thought of my some of my favorite tough guys real and fictional through the effort to muster bravado (yes, I am a dork). Here were some of my influences:

1) Clint Eastwood

Come on, does it get any tougher than Clint?

The featured image for this post is from the Academy Award winning Unforgiven, Eastwood’s last western and my favorite. Eastwood’s William Munny is tough, but he’s cognizant of how his character can become a source of widespread wreckage.

A fantastic movie, and Munny is the deepest of Clint’s original tough guy characters, from Blondie in the Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns to Dirty Harry. I really identify with this character.

2) Muhammad Ali

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