Getting Ready for the Baby!


Caitlin and her parents admire the sweets at Buzz!

I apologize if this post seems off topic. I just couldn’t bring myself to blog about social media this weekend (book be damned). Baby due was the obvious topic. Besides this is a personal blog, and it follows my whims.

The time is drawing near when our first child will come. Caitlin just passed the eight month mark last week, and we’ve had two sets of parental visits. Heck, there’s a crib and a car seat in our possession now.

I know many people have walked this path before me (billions right now). For us, parenthood has come late. Caitlin will be 40 in December, and I am 38. As the Dad, it’s really starting to become real for me now. It’s stunning to me to see a crib in my home.

Two years ago, this didn’t even seem possible. I questioned whether I would ever be a father. So for me, this is twice as sweet.

I can sense the baby inside of her (sonogram and pregnancy pics here). In fact, I think it can tell when I am near and hears my voice. The feet or hands can visibly be seen poking out her belly. And when I lay my ear on her belly I can hear the baby move sometimes.

We don’t know the sex, but the names have been set: Soleil Maya if it’s a girl, Zachary Thomas if it’s a boy. I can’t wait to meet him/her. Our birth plan has me receiving the baby and handing it to Caitlin.

I know for a while, the baby won’t be able to do much, but from what I hear it will be amazing. Watching the baby grow strong enough to raise its head, crawl, then walk, and then talk. Wow.

Getting ready and what it might be like are all I really think about these days. Even when I think about the book, it’s about getting it done in time for the baby.

So it is to be this expecting father. What were your memories when you were this close to the birth/arrival of your first child?

To Be a Dad

In Utero - Introducing the Super Peanut (The Next Livingston)

Words cannot convey the giddy delight that overcomes the soul when you find out that you will soon become a father. You find yourself wanting to sing it to the world, skip down mountains, and watch spring blossoms unfold themselves in the early am light, awed by nature’s amazing ability to regenerate every year. What a precious feeling.

For me, it was a dream come true — one I had began to doubt would ever come to pass, especially given Caitlin and I are in our latter thirties. Getting pregnant was not easy for us. But in the end, it happened.

I remember when Caitlin let me know the metaphorical game was afoot. We were driving home from Dulles airport in early March, I had picked her up after a three week assignment in Albania. She said to me in the car ride home, “We should pick up a pregnancy test on the way home.”

Something went click in my head, “She’s pregnant!” The tests that weekend confirmed it. The DC blizzards of 2010 had been very productive indeed!

Snowmageddon Night II 7 p.m. - After the Dig

But then the hard part began, which was keeping quiet until it was safe and Caitlin’s employer was in the know. In reality, we weren’t very good about this, more of a slow leak from immediate friends and family to more casual friends, and finally on Friday everyone was clued-in.

I feel unleashed! Finally, to be able to write about this most important life-changing experience. Ah. :)

My friends, we still have a long way to go. Six months, in fact. Nothing is certain, and I know this. But right now I feel so blessed and grateful. To be a Dad! Wow! And to celebrate Mother’s Day with Caitlin as mother-to-be, well, that will be special.

I know that many of my readers are parents. What was it like for you when you found out you were pregnant or had successfully adopted the first time?