Deconstructing Identity in the 21st Century

Andy Warhol saw Marilyn Monroe in many different ways...
Andy Warhol saw Marilyn Monroe in many different ways…

Never before has the individual identity been so empowered, nor has personal empowerment relied on others to this degree. Identity in the hyper-connected digital era exists in a paradox.

As we sacrifice privacy and more of our personal lives come online, the singular concept of a man or woman in control of their own manifest destiny falls.

While we share individual pieces of our lives, the image of ourselves we want people to see shifts. Our peers and family members add their own touches to the picture. Identity is no longer controlled by the individual, rather it’s painted in an impressionist or abstract fashion by their peers.

Further, identity is fractured, an overlapping jigsaw puzzle of roles. In one corner you have your work identity, in another family, and in a third, hobbies. On and on.

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My TweetEsteem Issues


I admit it. I know I’m not the only one, too.

My mood rides on my social share count. It always has.

While I tried to be cool and say this didn’t matter, after a period of unpopularity, I totally know that’s bullshit.

I enjoy it when posts get read, liked and shared by you.

I feel like a success when you retweet, and like I bombed when you don’t.

Yeah, that’s pathetic, and I know it. But so true.

I have TweetEsteem(™) issues.

Like me (please?!?!?),