Arlington Memorial Bridge: From DC to Arlington National Cemetery.

Just Another Winter Boat Sunset: A five shot HDR composite, ranging from f8 through f22, with f18 as the base photo.

Dawn at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge with a nice mirro on soft, calm water.

The Woodrow Wilson Bridge at dusk, in HDR.

This B&W HDR photo filled with arches and stained glass was taken at the Washington National Cathedral.

The Washington Monument at Sunset (HDR)

Here is the interior of San Miguel de Arcangel in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Given how bright the exterior it is, the subtle interior is in direct and beautiful contrast.

The long hall is an HDR pic rendered in a monochrome finish. It was taken at Stanford University.

An HDR shot taken from one of the many bridges over the Cuyahoga River. You can see the railway to Cleveland in the foreground.

A jousting competition at the Maryland Renaissance Festival took place yesterday (and every weekend through October).The horse is mid air, and the sowrd is a couple of inches away from striking its target. Getting medieval on you!

This photo of an osprey’s nest was taken on the Potomac River at sunset.

This Potomac River sunrise was featured yesterday on Flickr’s daily Explore series. For those unfamiliar with HDR, it features three shots (+/-) at different apertures fused together. The image is conveniently framed on three sides by nature, and features a blazing hot red July sun.