I’m thrilled to announce my next book, where I will be one of seven contributors. The book will be called Cuba: Seven in 10. Seven Washington, DC photographers journey together to Cuba and capture their perspective on the Caribbean island in 10 photos each.

What do a Kickstarter project, a 500 Pixels contest, an art show, and a trip to Cuba all have in common? Why, photography of course!

September sun is my favorite, still powerful with a tinge of gold. How I will miss the September sun.

This photo is Waterfall Way, taken in Crystal City. It is also one of 12 Google+ Headers I am giving away to say thanks to folks who follow my photography. Thank you!

You can find this Stevie Ray Vaughn memorial on the southern shore of the Colorado River in Downtown Austin.

By taking regular photos with your smartphone, you can evolve your visual thinking.

The photobomb is perhaps the greatest antidote to the selfie zeitgeist. They add levity to social media hubris.

Image by kopper. More brands and people continue filling the channels with their blogs, infographics, white paper, etc. As a result, we’re experiencing a deluge of content, most of it suffering from over-messaged, self-important corporate sales talk, or worse, shoddy workmanship. There’s no better example of this issue than our own marketing space where the effort to produce consistent content […]

Happy April Fool’s Day! We now resume our regular programming… Five weeks ago at xPotomac, nine speakers and one emcee delivered speeches and conversation starters that sparked 25-30 minutes of questions and answers each. The following nine videos are listed in the order of presentation. Special thanks to my client Vocus for providing videography services. Vocus is hosting the Demand […]