Image by Denver University

How Social Empowers Journalists

Image by Denver University

Journalists Report on the Presidential Debate, by Denver University

Pew released its annual State of the New Media report highlighting a continued decline in all forms of journalism except online. Yet online reporting has come with an increase in journalists using social media.

My client Vocus issued its fourth State of the Media report last month, revealing a strong synergy between traditional and social media.

What was once viewed as an either or choice is now irrevocably intertwined as a powerful synergy of content and fan engagement. Traditional media outlets from newspapers and magazine to broadcast use social media to distribute news and engage their readers.

For example, a vast majority of reporters use social media to report and to promote. Over half of respondents use social media primarily for content promotion: linking to content online or previewing upcoming news reports and features. Forty three percent are using it for research alone, and 31 percent use it for both.

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