8 Substantive Blogs to Read

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Image by Ed Schipul

Getting tired of the same old, same old? Here are eight blogs that seem to deliver great marketing, media and communication content day-in, day-out without getting stuck in the echo chamber’s pedantic chatter. While just a few of the many strong blogs out there, they deliver regular delightful reads.

Danny Brown’s Social Media Marketing Blog – A strong read almost every post, Danny always makes you think. He keeps it real, and focuses on real strategy, nor is he one for chasing butterflies… Unless chasing butterflies is your dream. Perhaps that’s why this blog works so well, it’s relentlessly focused but always with personal passion and a can-do dreamer’s attitude.

Katya’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog – An everyday staple, and one of the industry’s long-standing bright minds. Katya’s general focus is nonprofit, but make no bones about it, she is a marketing blogger. Read Katya for insights into branding, simplicity, and tactical execution.

MobileActive – If you are into mobile, this blog shows some of the world’s most incredible case studies of how internet capable phones are being used to change the world. These case studies should inspire ideas and concepts of possible uses.

Copywrite, Ink. – Rich Becker’s always thoughtful blog uses metaphors and case studies to illustrate his points. Another blogger who has low tolerance for a social media pop ethos, Rich takes an educator’s approach to illustrating his points and does so very effectively.

Spin Sucks – Gini Dietrich’s content machine turns out quite a few goodies during the week. Gini isn’t one to tolerate a lot of bubble-esque BS. She also covers the basics pretty well, and features some strong guest bloggers. Spin Sucks is a worthy add to anyone’s reader.

Photofocus – If you enjoy creating visual media with cameras, this blog is for you. A staple of daily posts advises on the latest trends, tips and techniques in the digital era of photography.

Copyblogger -Sometimes formulaic, but always well written, and chock full of good tips on — you guessed it — writing. This top ranked marketing blog stays above the echo chamber fray with its prescient content, new media savoir faire, and focus on business writing.

Problogger – Content marketing was made professional by problogger. OK, maybe not, but this long-running content marketing site offers regular, pragamatic advice on how to make a blog work for your organization. In tandem with Copyblogger, the blogs provide a great one-two punch.

What blogs would you add to the mix?

Don’t Miss Gear Up for Giving, Social Change Camp NY

In this video, Kristin Ivie provides background on The Case Foundation’s Gear Up for Giving Tutorial Series every Tuesday and Thursday. The sessions aim to help nonprofits better understand social media. Upcoming sessions include:

Tuesday, September 22 – 1:00pm -NetSquared’s Marnie Webb
Thursday, September 24 – 1:00pm – NTEN’s Holly Ross
Tuesday, September 29 – 1:00pm – #1 Changeblogger Beth Kanter
Thursday, October 1 – 1:00pm – Facebook Causes’ Sarah Koch

Authors Allison Fine, Katya Anderson and I have already gone. My session can be found here.

Social Change Camp NYC

avatar_f97045a19e84_128.pngIn addition, those interested in social change on the Eastern sea board may want to attend Social Change Camp NYC this Saturday, September 26. SocialChangeCamp is a conference for forward-thinking public interest organizations seeking new and diverse ways to leverage technology to recruit volunteers, build communities, inspire grassroots movements, reach donors, and facilitate effective advocacy.

The event empowers socially conscious organizations with channels and techniques that help them find relevance and accessibility in social media and related technology, regardless of their current levels of engagement. By educating, empowering, and connecting our community members, we act as a catalyst for social change.

I’m going at the suggestion of friend and organizer Damien Basile.