To Almost Die

white light/white heat
Image by .mariols.

Have you ever come this close to death?

Morbid, but fascinating nevertheless.

“What’s it like,” asks Don Draper to his bellman, who almost died of a heart attack during the opening episode of season 6. Draper, a character that faked his own death, obsesses with mortality throughout the overall show arc. One wonders when he will find out for sure. But I digress…

The Bell Man answers with the usual trite response of a white light appeared.

So, is that really all there is?

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Destiny: Remembered or Refrigerated?

Caroline Bubbles Silhoette
Image by Major Payn

In the annals of history will people remember us for all of our social updates and conversations?

I wonder if we’re just blowing bubbles into the ether.

After all, we need algorithms and formulas now to sift through the immense amounts of social data we create. If the proliferation of social data necessitates Big Data mining to make sense of it all, how can we possibly remember the average social citizen, much less the A-Listers?

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