The impact of choosing balance in favor of influence.

Offended parties often become prisoners of their own angst. Forgiving and letting go can free them.

A recent passing shows that a life of discord leaves a legacy of broken relationships.

If we want a full destiny, then we must take the necessary actions to make it appear.

The act of forgiveness is often about clearing resentments from the past, perceived and real. That means wiping the ledger, and offering people a second chance.

A DC-area Starbucks is overloaded with furloughed feds talking smack about the shutdown. The entrances to the Mount Vernon Bike Trail near your house — maintained as part of the George Washington Parkway by the National Park Service — is barricaded. You can’t visit any national monuments on the mall. Rush hour is slackened to a reasonable slog, but unusually […]

Image by Den Den Do you sense a lack of clear meaning in this online rat race? On one hand, existence stands in its purest form, reasons to be online, missions of the niche! Then we dilute existence with digital records of ice cream trips, Nike Fuel runs, and manufactured savoir faire. Self determination now exists at its ultimate zenith, […]

So goes the chorus of the classic Kinks tune, “Father Christmas.” A funny punk commentary that cuts right to the core of what Christmas has become to our culture, a time to get stuff, or preferably just some money (bonus, boss?). Consumerism has become our value set. Looking good, having things, freedom to buy things, these are all of great […]