I attended Tony Corbell’s Santa Fe Photography Workshop on lighting last week. Here are my five big takeaways.

The Holiday Light Show at the Wanamaker Building (now Macy’s) in Center City, Philadelphia ends today.

This empty movie theater is more a mark of a poor film than anything else. But it has amazing light!

Amplifying the sunrise uses this sculpture to reflect the day’s first rays. Taken at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

September sun is my favorite, still powerful with a tinge of gold. How I will miss the September sun.

Stained glass windows directly behind me provided a purple light reflected on the pillars. You can see the same light in the National Cathedral ceiling and across the hall.

Light shapes everything that happens with a camera. It is the paint that makes the portrait.

The dog days of summer are upon us. During those last dwindling days of heat nothing seems to happen. When I was a child I used to think the dog days were awful. Boredom plagued me, there was nothing to do except play, no school, less friends around, etc. In hindsight, those were the best of times. Little did I […]