There are no sacred mastheads anymore. Every outlet has a bias, and most reporters are chumming the social network waters for the most shares. How the Washington Post muffed the Washington Nationals new manger hire, and smeared team officials in the process.

Congratulations to the Nationals on winning their second NL East title. As you can tell, my family likes the Nationals mascots.

It’s been a long time since Washington, DC has seen a baseball penant.

Nationals Park is in Washington, DC and home of the National League leading Washington Nationals.

Labor Day is just one week away, and the official autmun grind begins.

The Bill Taft bobblehead doll is a play off the running president who makes an appearance at every Nationals game in the 4th inning. You can find the Big Chief on Twitter at @NatsBigChief27. The photo was taken in Alexnadria.

The President’s Race is one of the most anticipated part of a Nationals home game. Yesterday, Teddy Roosevelt beat out William Taft, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln with tinfoil wrapped around his head. Perhaps it was an homage to the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Businesses think they own their products and experiences. That’s why they brand them, put their personal mark on them, and make signature experiences. The role community members play in creating and developing successful brands is a stark change. This collaborative shift is caused by technology in the form of social and  mobile, and a new “we” ethos brought on by millennials. […]