I love night photography. It produces images that you just can’t take on a smartphone.

The heart of old town in Alexandria, VA is King Street by the river. Here it is at night.

At night Austin’s Sixth Street turns into the place to be scene during SXSW.

Here’s what King Street looks like in the late evening. Taken from the Masonic Temple in Alexandria, VA.

The Woodrow Wilson Bridge at night.

A long exposure at night of the Jefferson Memorial.

The Washington Monument on a foggy night.

A night picture taken from The Cosmopolitan hotel of the south side of the Las Vegas Strip.

Taken in Cleveland’s Flats district, this decaying crane is used as decoration in the area.

A shot taken at around 11 p.m. before the lights went out in Austin.

New York’s famous train station is shot at night in a long exposure, and then painted over in Photoshop.

This photo features a long exposure of the U.S. Capitol Building at night.

This photo of an osprey’s nest was taken on the Potomac River at sunset.

This 45 second long exposure features a massive fountain “burst” during a Bellagio Fountains performance of the Beatles Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. In all, I think I watched 10 shows in three nights while staying in Las Vegas.