Traveling photographers always like to discuss what’s in their bag. Here is what I use in mine.

What’s it like to shoot with the Nikon D810 camera, and the 14-24 mm, 85 mm 1.4, and the 80-400 mm lenses, as well as the Zeiss 50 mm lens, courtesy of Here are my thoughts.

How a balance of equipment and focus may yield a superior photographic adventure.

Why futurists who are predicting advanced smartphones will usher in the death of cameras are wrong.

The 365 Full Frame project launches as a photo blog. A photo will publish on the blog every day for 365 days.

By taking regular photos with your smartphone, you can evolve your visual thinking.

After two years of shooting photos with a micro 4/3 camera, I am returning to a traditional DSLR from Nikon.

Taken mid-air last night with an iPhone 4s. You may not love Flickr, Instagram or Pinterest, but you can’t deny the continuing rise of social photography. Photos dominate social media. Even on Facebook, the king of networks, people spend 17 percent of their time perusing photos according to a recent ComScore/BuddyMedia study. Whether they are retail pics “pinned” on Pinterest, […]