Last year, I had the privilege of photographing Heather and Brett Pocorobba for their engagement and wedding. I am not a traditional wedding photographer, but they wanted a real street vibe to their collection, so it was a good fit. As we discussed the project, I suggested a series of street engagement shots, one every month. The idea was to […]

This year’s Exposed DC Crystal City Fotowalk Underground Exhibition features 13 local photographers, including me. I contributed a 12 photograph series focusing on isolation and self identity. Modernism as a movement interested me because of its take on the isolated individual in the industrial world. My favorite modernist was Franz Kafka, with his characters often alienated and trapped alone in […]

I was fortunate enough to serve AAF-DC as photographer for the ADWKDC 2016 campaign. Here are the photographer’s cuts for the images we shot.

There are many photography social networks to participate in. Here is a short review of the five I have participated in the most.

Statistics show Flickr is experiencing a downward spiral in traffic. Given Yahoo! has put the network up for sale, Flickr may be beyond saving at this point.

I love night photography. It produces images that you just can’t take on a smartphone.

What’s coming next for me? Consulting and photography.

Season’s greetings to my online friends.

Welcome to me new blog design for 2016. With it comes an intent to blog less, at least here.

Learn more about the the Living through the Lens weekly challenge on Flickr.

I just published a gallery of my best Washington, DC photos. Here is a sneak peak.

Evolving requires learning, but how does one go about picking up new skills? Here are four ways I have used.

What do photography stalkers, social media marketing conversations, mermaids and The Donald all have in common?

Here are four more photo tips gleaned from the 365 Full Frame Experience.

I will be in Africa until the week of June 22 and much less present online. You will still find posts on here and the 365 Full Frame site while I am gone.

The new Flickr launched to much fanfare, but the PR celebration didn’t cover issues with the new interface.

Thoughts and reflections on nine years of blogging.

How a balance of equipment and focus may yield a superior photographic adventure.

You can take one of these photos, download it, and then use the image in Canva (a free image creation app) to send a personalized holiday card to your friends.

Here are six lessons learned from my immersive 365 Full Frame photography experience.

Visual media forms are creating a low tolerance for marketing that tells customers what to think. Instead, brands must show people what a product or experience does for them.

Want to take dreamy night shots that feature rich texture and starred lights? Here is how to do it.

Internet marketers may think content shock is the biggest problem facing them. Unfortunately, a bigger mountain lies ahead.

Entrepreneurs and artists alike would benefit from having access to a real camera and photographs. Smartphones are not enough.

Light shapes everything that happens with a camera. It is the paint that makes the portrait.

In the past two weeks, Getty Images made its images available for free on a limited use basis to anyone on the Internet. The move represents a measured gesture to capture some of that social photo and content marketplace. But it’s not enough.

A National Geographic Traveler Seminar on storytelling through photography covered basic tips on photography and storytelling. Here are some examples.

As an amateur photographer nothing makes me happier than giving my photos away so people can use them. This holiday season I reedited 24 of my photos, cropping them to fit your Twitter header image. None of the photos have watermarks, none of them require attribution. If you like any of them, click on the link located below these images […]

I love social photography. Yes, it’s arguably the social web trend of 2012. But beyond the punditry, I just love taking, sharing and discussing pictures. Seeing so many places and great things as I go about my life, it’s hard not to be stunned at least once daily. There’s a sense of presence that comes with appreciating the beauty that […]

Some globally respected photographers and critics think Instagram destroys the integrity of quality images. Others feel the rise of Instagram pollutes traditional social network streams. Critics decry the mobile photo network because it filters most images with a vintage Poloroid look, the resulting widespread proliferation of Instaphotos across social networks, and/or the additional doctoring that occurs through a variety of […]

At some point today, I will pass 400,000 views on my photography blog. Not bad for an amateur hack who has never been formally trained as a photographer! I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to celebrate by sharing my 10 favorite pictures from the past five years. Given it’s a Friday wrapping up a long holiday week, I […]

Taken mid-air last night with an iPhone 4s. You may not love Flickr, Instagram or Pinterest, but you can’t deny the continuing rise of social photography. Photos dominate social media. Even on Facebook, the king of networks, people spend 17 percent of their time perusing photos according to a recent ComScore/BuddyMedia study. Whether they are retail pics “pinned” on Pinterest, […]