Simply Beautiful


We spent last week in Miami Beach vacationing. The weather was gorgeous, the art deco offered a flashback to the 50s, and of course, beautiful people were everywhere.

When I was a young man, beauty was carnal, it was the flesh. But walking around as a middle aged man, though I found the young women attractive and the buff men handsome, I was not so easily swayed.

It’s not that I felt asexual or I had a desperate need for a Viagra fix. Far from it, my eyeballs fell out a few times like any other member of the male species (in fact, my wife Caitlin laughed at me a couple of times).

Yet that inner desire to surround myself with physical attractiveness was diminished, reduced to an amused curiosity with a dash of hunger, but measured by a good dose of wariness, too.

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The El Show Episode 24: Finding Happiness


Episode 24 of the El Show was an unusual one. We decided to take a show and discuss happiness, whether or not we are happy, and how we have found this elusive emotion that everyone wants.

Here’s a breakdown of Episode 24:

  • SxSW 2010: Geoff’s take on the spirit of the interactive juggernaut
  • Richard’s vacation and how Miami is a nice relaxing time for him
  • Happiness, how do we find it?
  • Pleasure through work and sex/love: Is it happiness? If not, what is happiness in those work/critical life elements?
  • Spiritual paths to happinesss
  • And happiness in the future: What do we think it looks like?

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Warning: Some serious cursing in the happiness episode ;)