Just Another Winter Boat Sunset: A five shot HDR composite, ranging from f8 through f22, with f18 as the base photo.

Waiting for spring: These poor boats are trapped in the ice.

The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts is the last of the “national” buildings on the Potomac River before Georgetown.

Here is a slightly different take on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge calm water shot. This one has two photos that utilize a shorter exposure with a monochrome HDR blend.

The Woodrow Wilson Bridge at night.

A long exposure of the Potomac River’s Great Falls in Winter.

The last tree with full foliage in this Potomac River park.

Another Potomac River sunset, this time after the leaves have fallen. THebranch above the suncreates an effect where the star can be seen as a piece of fruit.

This panorama sunset pic features Rosslyn in the center. It was taken from the Kennedy Center Terrace over the Potomac River.

This time lapse photo features Great Falls, a series of nasty steep rapids on the Potomac River. You can hear the deafening roar from miles away. Seven people a year die in these rapids, crushed or drowned. The photo was Explored on Flickr.

This October sunrise photo was explored yesterday on Flickr, receiving scores of favorites and quite a few comments. It was taken on the Potomac River.

A sunset on the Potomac River at National Harbor with lots of boats in the marina. You can see the Capital Wheel on the right.

See the blue rust on this old chain sitting outside the Potomac River? Apologies for posting this a day late (MLB playoff interuption).

This bolt of lightening was caught on camera during a thunderstorm on Saturday night. The big house is the Gaylord National Harbor, which was struck several times during the storm.

Endless sunrises to witness on the Potomac River. This low tide variation was taken at Dyke’s Marsh.

You’ve probably seen many star trail photos, but have you ever seen a sun trail? Here is 13 minutes of sunrise in four pics layered on top of each other. The shots were taken using an eight-stop graduated density filter.

I often walk my dog on the paths in Dyke’s Marsh bird sanctuary. It is a serene beautiful place to see, particularly early in the morning