Taken as dawn’s tendrils spread through the sky and the sun fought to crest above the horizon. The river was half frozen as you can see. Taken about ten minutes before this one: www.flickr.com/photos/geoliv/15926170234/

Frozen at Port: Taken at Dyke’s Marsh (Alexandria, VA) in 10 degree weather.

The frozen Potomac River at sunrise.

Two Coast Guard helicopters are captured patrolling the Potomac at sunrise.

The egret in flight makes this pic!

The Steamboat Cherry Blossom harbors in Alexandria, VA. It’s a pretty looking paddle boat reminsicent of the 19th century.

This Potomac River sunrise was featured yesterday on Flickr’s daily Explore series. For those unfamiliar with HDR, it features three shots (+/-) at different apertures fused together. The image is conveniently framed on three sides by nature, and features a blazing hot red July sun.