What do a Kickstarter project, a 500 Pixels contest, an art show, and a trip to Cuba all have in common? Why, photography of course!

The Holiday Light Show at the Wanamaker Building (now Macy’s) in Center City, Philadelphia ends today.

The U.S.S. Barry is parked outside of the Navy Yard on the Anacostia River. It is retired and now serves as a ceremonial boat.

Taken from the 48th floor of The Cosmopolitan, this shot features a 45 second long exposure during the Bellagio Fountain Light Show. Surrounding hotels include Caeser’s, Treasure Island, The Venetian and Paris.

Visual media forms are creating a low tolerance for marketing that tells customers what to think. Instead, brands must show people what a product or experience does for them.

In graphic design and visual arts, artists use negative space to emphasize their subject. The same could be said of words, in particular stories where you leave enough to the reader’s imagination so they can enjoy the novel, essay, short story, or whatever it might be. I received this nugget of knowledge at WorldCon last August. Stina Leicht mentioned applying […]