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The Washington Monument at Sunrise.

This “antebellum” sunrise photo was taken in Jackson Square in New Orleans. The cannon is a replica from 1815.

The frozen Potomac River at sunrise.

Taken from the George Washington Parkway overpass, this shot features the Capital Beltway — I-95/I-495 — during the a.m. rush hour.

Amplifying the sunrise uses this sculpture to reflect the day’s first rays. Taken at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

This swamp sunrise was taken at Dyke’s Marsh.

Endless sunrises to witness on the Potomac River. This low tide variation was taken at Dyke’s Marsh.

This picture features a sunrise over the Willamsburg Bridge, but under the Manhattan and Brooklyn (closest) Bridges. It was taken on New York City’s East River.

The sunrise here is complete, and the resulting fireball looms over the Potomac River. The sun and clouds had extra illumination from the super moon which was setting in the west.

You’ve probably seen many star trail photos, but have you ever seen a sun trail? Here is 13 minutes of sunrise in four pics layered on top of each other. The shots were taken using an eight-stop graduated density filter.

This Potomac River sunrise was featured yesterday on Flickr’s daily Explore series. For those unfamiliar with HDR, it features three shots (+/-) at different apertures fused together. The image is conveniently framed on three sides by nature, and features a blazing hot red July sun.

This sunrise pic of Las Vegas Boulevard was taken at 5:20ish from the 48th floor of the Cosmopolitan Hotel. And you know there were quite a few hangovers down there…