New photography products include a calendar, monochrome works (think black and white), and a forthcoming book!

The Tenacity5 brand will sunset at the end of the year.

Just Another Winter Boat Sunset: A five shot HDR composite, ranging from f8 through f22, with f18 as the base photo.

An icy sunset in Alexandria, VA this month.

The Washington Monument at Sunset (HDR)

This Lincoln Memorial shot was taken about 15 minutes after sunset. It was taken on what will likely be the last temperate day of Fall, 2014.

Another Potomac River sunset, this time after the leaves have fallen. THebranch above the suncreates an effect where the star can be seen as a piece of fruit.

This panorama sunset pic features Rosslyn in the center. It was taken from the Kennedy Center Terrace over the Potomac River.

A sunset on the Potomac River at National Harbor with lots of boats in the marina. You can see the Capital Wheel on the right.

This post sunset/twilight pic features The Awakening and the Capital Wheel at National Harbor.

This sunset picture was taken last night.

A late summer sunset over the drought reduced Lake Travis. How I will miss the Summer of 2014. This photo was taken on the third deck of the Oasis restaurant.

A lovely sunset in Monterey Bay in July. You can gorgeous pink cotton candy in the sky and reflected in the water, and lots of boats.

This sunset was captured at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in Big Sur. You may notice a layer, a vertical wall betwen the sun itself and the top of the Pacific Ocean. That is the evening fog rolling in, visible from north to south, separating sky and water.