The heart of old town in Alexandria, VA is King Street by the river. Here it is at night.

Waiting for spring: These poor boats are trapped in the ice.

Frozen at Port: Taken at Dyke’s Marsh (Alexandria, VA) in 10 degree weather.

Sunrise at Jones Point, a historic lighthouse in scenic Alexandria, VA.

Dawn at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge with a nice mirro on soft, calm water.

Here’s what King Street looks like in the late evening. Taken from the Masonic Temple in Alexandria, VA.

An icy sunset in Alexandria, VA this month.

Fireworks from Alexandria, VA’s First Night celebration. And Happy New Year!

A nightscape taken at Long Bridge park in Alexandria, VA.

Jamey Turner is a glass harpist who plays in Old Town, Alexandria, VA. He likes “Finding the Uncommon in the Common.”

This bolt of lightening was caught on camera during a thunderstorm on Saturday night. The big house is the Gaylord National Harbor, which was struck several times during the storm.

This is an awesome series of fountains outside of the U.S. PTO Office in Alexandria, VA. The geodesic dome was invented by Richard Buckminster Fuller, patented on June 29, 1954