12 Google+ Headers (Thanks a Million Part II)

I recently passed one million views on Google+, a number that doubled in the past year. This is the second time I have passed a million views on a social network this year, the other being Flickr.

During this time I shifted content production from multiple blog posts a week to produce photos via my 365 Full Frame project, and that has been the primary driver of this grown.

To thank folks for continuing to like and support my photography interests, please find below 12 free Google+ header images. These pictures are my most popular 365 Full Frame photos so far, as rated by 500 Pixels. If you like my photography and want to support the 365 Full Frame Project, please consider a contribution.

And with that, here are the 12 free Google+ headers for your use. Cheers.

1) Las Vegas Strip at Night

Las Vegas Strip at Night for Google+ 2

Grab it!

2) The Lotus Giant

The Lotus Giant for Google+

Grab it!

3) The Queensboro Bridge

Queensboro Bridge for Google+

Grab it!

4) Fire Ball

Fire Ball for Google+

Grab it!

5) Purple Zinnia Gets a Visitor

Purple Zinnia Gets a Visitor for Google+

Grab it!

6) Bridge Over the River Cuyahoga

Bridge Over the River Cuyahoga for Google+

Grab it!

7) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for Google+

Grab it!

8) From Dawn to Sunrise

From Dawn to Sunrise for Google+

Grab it!

9) Waterfall Way

Waterfall Way for Google+

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10) FDR East River Drive

FDR East River Drive for Google+

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11) Three Bridge Sunrise

Three Bridge Sunrise

Grab it!

12) Sunset on the Pentagon Marina

Sunset on the Pentagon Marina for Google+

Grab it!

I hope you enjoy your Google+ header. No attribution is necessary, but it’d be fun to know if you used tone. Cheers!

Thanks, a Million!

Over the weekend I achieved one of those crazy vanity metrics that I feel great about even though it has little measurable impact. My photo blog on Flickr surpassed one million total views.

It feels great and exciting, kind of a cool thing to happen. A million is a nice number to roll around in your head, especially when you consider that I bought my first DSLR — a Nikon D60 — six years ago.

One Million Views on Flickr

You’ll notice two distinct bumps in the above chart, one from my shots at SXSW and last week’s bump from Social Media Marketing World (#smmw14). These two events were nice photo bombs that generated a ton of traffic. You can read my coverage of #smmw14 here on the Vocus blog, but I do want to excerpt one section:

Ekaterina Walter, co-author of The Power of Visual Storytelling, offered a different statistic, which was that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text by the brain. She said, “Content with compelling visual content receives 94 percent more total views.”

I have to agree. I don’t think I could have gotten a surge of new followers, a few new business opportunities, and general momentum from these shows without photographs.

San Diego at night

But I digress. More than anything, hitting a million views makes me feel like I really am a half decent photographer.

There have been a couple of other recent affirmations, too. Over the past two weeks I was asked to file a story on CNN’s iReport platform based on my baseball pics over the years, and to present a photographers view of DC at a networking event in Baltimore, by Dee O’Horan.

My friends Cheryl Vosburg and Mike Smith’s wedding.

So I took the amateur off my photographer description on Twitter. I can safely say that I am a real photographer now.

I still have more to learn, starting with editing in Aperture and Photoshop, as well as maximizing the potential of my Nikon D7100. When I reach that next level, I hope to move to HD full frame shots with a Nikon D800E.


Speaking of photography, if you are in DC on April 9, please join me and social media all star Ann Tran for a beautiful early morning Cherry Blossom photowalk at the Tidal Basin. We will be meeting up at 7 am, and will have an informal coffee and breakfast meetup afterwards.

Thank you to everyone of you who has looked at and/or shared one of my photos. I really appreciate it.

On to the next photo!