Waiting for spring: These poor boats are trapped in the ice.

This time lapse photo features Great Falls, a series of nasty steep rapids on the Potomac River. You can hear the deafening roar from miles away. Seven people a year die in these rapids, crushed or drowned. The photo was Explored on Flickr.

Endless sunrises to witness on the Potomac River. This low tide variation was taken at Dyke’s Marsh.

I gave the following commencement speech yesterday in Richmond to Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Mass Communications. The speech focuses on what makes for a successful career in communications, specifically by navigating today’s fast moving media environment. The keys to success are gaining experience and delivering impact. Thank you to Bill Farrar, Yan Jin, Jon Newman and the rest of […]

Cameron Run jumped its banks in Alexandria, Virginia this evening. A surge of water flooded the street immediately after filming this video. We escaped with water lapping at our tires. The area was already saturated by Hurricane Irene, and non-stop rains from the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee proved to be too much for Cameron Run. Fairfax County Emergency Government […]