I just published a gallery of my best Washington, DC photos. Here is a sneak peak.

This interview conducted with the Washington Business Journal’s Jen Nycz-Conner discusses how digital has and continues to change journalism.

Washington July 4th Fireworks Celebration: Rain had its impact with a moody atmosphere! #360 of the 365 Full Frame Project!

At Nationals Park in Washington, DC.

The Washington Monument at Sunrise.

Crossing the C&O canal in Georgetown, Washington, DC.

The Key Bridge in scenic Georgetown.

This B&W HDR photo filled with arches and stained glass was taken at the Washington National Cathedral.

The Hotel Monaco in Washington, DC features two identical gorgeous spiral staircases. This is the bottom up perspective of the stairway.

The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts is the last of the “national” buildings on the Potomac River before Georgetown.

This interpretation of the nativity scene was taken at the National Harbor Ice Show. Hope you had a Merry Christmas.

The Old Executive Office Building in Washington, DC during a foggy night before Christmas.

The National Menorah, a ‪#‎365ff‬ tribute for the last day of Hanukkah. Enjoy it, kids.

You can take one of these photos, download it, and then use the image in Canva (a free image creation app) to send a personalized holiday card to your friends.

Union Station is one of the most beautiful buildings in DC. Here is its facade adorned with Christmas wreaths.

The Mayflower Hotel is one of Washington’s most historic sites, filled with gorgeous chandeliers and posh lounges. It also boasts beautiful holiday decorations. Here is an example.

It is literally 12 blocks to the Washington Monument from this vantage point, 3rd street, right in front of the U.S. Capitol Building.

The Washington Monument on a foggy night.

A photo taken from the parking deck at Union Station of Third Street and the tracks beyond.

395 moves through Alexandria and Arlington into Washington, DC. The last stop in Virginia on this major highway is the Pentagon. Here is a night view of 395 and the Pentagon from Ridge Road.

A long exposure, this photo features the National Mall from the U.S. Capitol Building facing west toward the Washington Monument.

The Super Moon rose over Washington, DC last night. Here’s a picture of it next to the top of the Washington Monument.

Light shapes everything that happens with a camera. It is the paint that makes the portrait.