Tonight’s First #ZooGood Chat Featuring @JohnHaydon

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Tonight is the first #zooGood chat, hosted by Razoo. This weekly chat will be held at 9 ET/6 PT on Twitter in an effort to discuss fundraising best practices.

Given the time of year, nonprofits and free agents are planning their final fundraising drives of 2010. It’s our hope that these conversations will help causes and individuals maximize their efforts, and prepare them for great, fun drives that will also successfully impact the world.

Our first speaker is John Haydon, one of the kindest gentlemen in the business, a fellow who gives his thoughts and time freely. He is the ideal person to co-host the inaugural chat. John will answer a question on the tens, meaning every ten minutes (9:00, 9:10 and 9:20). You can track and participate in the program via the #zooGood Twitter hashtag. Feel free to ask John a question or two!

Successive chats in November and December will be from members of the zooGooder program. In 2011, Razoo will open up the guest hosting of the #zooGood Twitter chat, and recruit new industry leaders to participate.

As a co-organizer, I hope you find these efforts to be useful. And please, please leave your feedback so we can make these weekly chats worth your time.

Introducing the zooGooders, #zooGood chat

Oil Boom Workers

In conjunction with my client Razoo, I’m excited to announce the zooGooder program today. Using a new widget technology, this killer group of free agent fundraisers are going to engage in a series of best practices exercises to learn more about grassroots fundraising. Specifically, the DonateAnywhere widget is the first to allow Web site owners to fundraise from appeal to final transaction, all while keeping a donor on their Web site or blog.

The group includes:

  • Andre Blackman of Pulse and Signal
  • Tom Dawkins of Small Act
  • Nicole D’Alonzo of Niki’s Notes
  • Abby Flottemesch of Atlas Corps
  • John Haydon of his eponymous blog, John Haydon
  • Rachel Matthews of A Southern Fairy Tale
  • William Neuheisal of DC Central Kitchen
  • Armando Rayo of El Mundo de Mando
  • Jennifer Roccanti of Miriam’s Kitchen
  • Amber Rodriguez of Noah’s Kitchen
  • Jenna Sauber of Lagniappe
  • Andy Sternberg of his eponymous blog, Andy Sternberg
  • Andrea Weckerle of CiviliNation
  • Jennifer Windrum of WTF Lung Cancer
  • zooGooders will convene to discuss ways share fundraising best practices and advise Razoo on improvements to the widget. As a zooGooder program facilitator, I will also be participating in activities, and fundraising for charity: water (see my donation page).

    We have numerous activities that we are participating in together, some of them public to help the general causes marketplace have a conversation about fundraising best practices. Each week the zooGooders will participate in a #zooGood Twitter chat on fundraising best practices. Our first chat is this Tuesday at 9 ET and features John Haydon. We hope to help causes get ready for the traditional holiday giving season.

    Razoo will also host a fundraising challenge for participating zooGooders to crown the Razoo zooGooder Overall Champion of the Year. The winner will be declared at year-end 2010. Razoo will make a small donation in their name to a charity of their choice on Razoo. The Champion of the Year will be determined by winners of mini-fundraising contests, such as the most money raised in a week, most unique donors in a week, and most raised in a 24-hour period. These contests will coincide with the giving season in November and December.

    Thanks to all of the zooGooders! I am sure we are going to enjoy a remarkable journey together.