Three Ways to Help the #NCFLBigGive


My three year old daughter Soleil is one of the most important aspects of my life today. I am adamant that she has the opportunities afforded by a top tier education system.

But many families don’t have access to the education resources that I do, nor do they have the knowledge to learn with their children. That’s why I am working with my client the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) to fundraise on Novvember 1 so it can continue its work!

Don’t have time to fundraise but still want to help out? There are three other ways to participate in The Big Give for Families Learning on November 1.

1) It may seem obvious, but if you can’t fundraise the best way to help us make our goal is to donate to my personal fundraiser on November 1 or before. Even $50 makes a big difference as we try to attain $25,000.

2) Participate in the #NCFLBigGive Thunderclap. Hundreds of people will blast out a timed Tweet on November 1 to launch the Big Give. Just sign up here and Thunderclap will take care of the rest.

3) Tell your friends about the effort. Post a link to the Big Give on your social networks, and tell people why family literacy is important to you. The more personal the story, the more likely it is that your friends will participate. Use photos wherever possible. And don’t forget to use the #NCFLBigGive hashtag so organizers can find your story and reshare it.

Or you can find another way to help. We greatly appreciate your support as we make a difference for families across the United States on November 1.