What Kind of Photos Do You Want to See from Cuba?

What kind of photos would you like to see in my 10 frames for Cuba: Seven in 10?

Americans are starting to see many more photos from Cuba now. But are they providing the whole picture? Are they becoming clichéd? I am curious to see what you think.

Cuba’s amazing culture will be changed forever by a new influx of American dollars. In many ways, the zeitgeist of Cuban culture is in its twilight before entering a new phase as a destination for vacationers and the businesses that will support them. Are we preserving the memory of this island as it is?

Also, if you do choose to back this book project on Kickstarter (we do need help), I will provide a complimentary photo license for any new picture on my photo portfolio site. Just let me know what you like!

Thanks for telling me what will make Cuba: Seven in 10 more interesting from your perspective.